At Les Dàlies Apartments Salou we welcome your pets

At Les Dàlies Apartments in Salou we know how important it is to be close to our pets.

As “pet friendly” apartments we are happy to have our guests bring their pets on holiday with them. 


“Pet friendly” hotels and apartments, the importance of travelling with your pet

When you’re planning a trip, look for “pet friendly” establishments in your destination. You’re sure to find some! We’re one!
Over time our beloved pets have come to play an ever increasing part in our lives. Just a few years ago travelling with a pet was almost unthinkable, but today it’s perfectly possible. Enjoying a journey with your cat or going to a restaurant with your dog has become a reality and Les Dàlies offers you this opportunity.
It’s more and more common for families to have one or more pets, meaning the pet-focused market is expanding all the time.
As pet owners it’s important for us to make our small contribution to making this an increasingly popular option. We should be responsible, respect others and look after our pets properly. Everybody with a pet should take good care of it, make sure it has an identification disc and keep it on a lead. It’s also important to ensure our furry friends are in the best of health, with no infectious diseases and an up-do-date vaccination certificate and de-worming calendar. Together we can change the culture and make travelling with our pets a pleasure rather than a headache.

Les Dàlies, “pet friendly” apartments in Salou

Les Dàlies, “pet friendly” apartments in Salou

At Les Dàlies Apartments we’re your pets’ friends. We’re happy to welcome both you and your pet so that you can enjoy your holidays in Salou to the utmost. We want to take care of your pet and make it feel at home with us.
When you arrive we’ll give you a food bowl and a drinking bowl for them (ask for them at reception), as well as a guide to nearby vets and pet beauty salons. We’ll also let you know the best places to take your pet for a walk and enjoy outdoor activities with them, as well as give you information about local dog-walking services.

Pet accommodation conditions:

Pet accommodation conditions:
  • Cost of your pet’s stay: 10€ per day
  • You must be able to show a current pet health certificate. If the obligatory legally-required registrations and vaccinations are not up to date, we cannot allow your pet to stay in the establishment.
  • You’ll have to bring a bed or a blanket for your pet to sleep on (they’re not allowed to sleep on the sofa)